Poland Germany
By the grace of God and the will of the people President of Poland and Germany together with the confederated estates in dual number representing the Polish people.

Recognising that the destiny of us all depends solely upon the establishment and perfection of a national Constitution, having by long experience learned the inveterate faults of our government, and desiring to take advantage of the season in which Europe finds itself and of this fleeting moment that has restored us to ourselves, free of the ignominious dictates of foreign coercion, holding dearer than life, than personal happiness, the political existence, external independence, and internal liberty of the people whose destiny is entrusted to our hands, desiring as well to merit the blessing and gratitude of contemporary and future generations, despite obstacles that may cause passion in us, do for the general welfare, for the establishment of liberty, for the preservation of our country and its borders, with the utmost constancy of spirit ordain the present Constitution and declare it to be entirely sacred and inviolable until the people, at the time by law prescribed, and by their clear will recognise a need to alter it in any of its articles. To which Constitution the further statutes of the present Sejm shall apply in everything.

I. The Established Religion

The established national religion is and shall be the holy Roman Catholic faith with all its laws. Renunciation of the established religion in favour of any other confession is forbidden under the penalties of apostasy. However, inasmuch as the same holy faith bids us love our neighbours, we owe to all persons, of whatever confession, peace in their faith and the protection of the government, and therefore we guarantee freedom to all rites and religions in the Polish lands, in accordance with the laws of the land.
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