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forZe vs GamerLegion
Wait, cuz forze searching the way to lose this match.
Sinners vs GamerLegion
Dont worry. Sinners just ban if you mention ESIC around their tweeted results... :D They are one of the most pathetic and disgusting matchfixer trash team after bulgarian teams.
fnatic vs Eternal Fire
https://clips.twitch.tv/ElegantZealousCaribouPlanking-V0zu78zJ6BqaraiE DOUBLE GRENADE, DOUBLE KILL POG!
ENCE vs FunPlus Phoenix
Dont tell me u cant finish on a map where only need to execute sites with smokes and molo....
Dignitas vs Izako Boars
So if you are ex-major winner, u have free access to matxhfixing? Good to see. Anyway, blacklisted.
allu to stand-in for Complexity on loan in IEM Winter Europe closed qualifier
Please god no. He blew up ENCE, that was enough for us...
Virtus.pro vs Liquid
Virtus joke.
Entropiq vs 9z
ESIC should finally ban these CIS clowns.
Wisla Krakow vs Eternal Fire
Complexity vs OG
fnatic sign smooya on trial
Lets go !!!! GL for them in the future.
ENCE vs Lyngby Vikings
U didnt seen they knife out and jumping to the molotov when they had info about on B, deffenders playing atleast one close player always? Dont be a clown gosh.
ENCE vs Lyngby Vikings
Well. IF anyone tell its not fixed, thats not normal for sure. https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyTriumphantClipsdadKlappa-2f0kLXeXsnQ3gkmX Obvious throws.
INDE IRAE vs Endpoint
ESIC should finally do something with these mfs cuz disgusting hoe they throwing matches after matches.
Thank you felps, u fucking degenerate.