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s0mple skilled player but that is not normally.. this very very insane
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Final top 6
Yeah that's what you don't get, you are selling yourself out in the hopes of getting your list to be the same as a potentially disastrous one.
Final top 6
Putting an onliner budget version of jame ahead of the GOAT rifler is not disrespect to you?
Final top 6
Jonty fell off, old him would never disrespect Goat players like NiKo.
recency bias
Elec better everything than hobbit and ax1le where it mattered at biggest events of the year same for niko over sh1ro.
i think b1t's placement is just right, but elec top 5 elite events player at 7 for onliners? nah chhief
NiKo will be 3rd
they robbed lan monster elec they might rob niko bro(
Final top 6
recency bias
medic cs take, yikes.
they robbed electronic they might just rob hobbit for onliner ax1le and then niko for onliner sh1ro. hltv fell off so hard you can never know these days.
Zywoo top3 confirmed
i can see snake hltv putting sh1ro above niko but above zywoo will be the robbery of the century dedsrs
CIS era soon
8 cis players (people who will cry about latvia not being cis, go away please) in top 10 and only 2 not from there are S+ tier like zywoo and niko, we are already living in cis era man. and it's not ...
Studying many hours per day
sometimes i have this feeling of being in a rush, idk how to explain it it's like even though i am reading something i am interested in i should finish it fast for some reason, it distracts from being...
Elec lmao
you really waited 3 years for this thread huh? btw it's not the same because elec had way more success+ better stats if you disregard dog online events but hltv didnt
electronic daylight robbery
I hate that HLTV is the only top tier cs site, we really gotta stop this monopoly, they really put onliners over electroNic who smurfed on lans and would've had like 5 mvp at big events if he hadn't h...
electroNic name
You fell off with this one chief!