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-xyp already ffs
yea its sad for me too because he was my favorite player for quite some time but there comes a time when players are too old and the performance difference is obvious he was never quite the aimer but...
-xyp already ffs
doesnt win a single duel but yea sure, "stupid 60 iq threads", "you dont know about the game" or whatever they want to say lets just defend what worked in the past bc good old days
-xyp already ffs
he doesnt win a single duel
Any Heroic Doubters left???
k0nfig puts post-injury doubts to rest as Astralis beat NIP
how many times do you want to hear that es3tag is more a "glue player" than hard carry... when he had a proper opportunity to shine, he did exactly what he had to do otherwise he played in a c9 ros...
Meyern overrated af
The SA people need to understand that 1 year in terms of pro e-sports is almost an eternity, leave alone 2 years, now almost 3 since Meyern was in peak form A lot has happened since then and the leve...
m0NESY: "I'm sure that I'm ready for tier 1"
who are you to say otherwise?
"SpawN > s1mple, ZywOo"
yes, when everybody was playing random it was ez to get multi kills, but then go figure out who adapted better to the new way to play the game
"SpawN > s1mple, ZywOo"
no im here because i like csgo, 1.6 was random
Gym giants and just strong people come
excuses you dont really want to start the gym until you actually go and do it
NaVi much better team than people acknowledge
what the kids have to say: what does it even have to do with anything?
New rosters hype
good at streaming - completely different league than playing pro. not even the same ballpark. the guys who are playing t1 all the time are the highest form of esports, there's no way to match that... ...
New rosters hype
far past his prime, away from t1 competition for a while now, sorry but its impossible to get that level back