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SANJI and interz
I dont think you get the importance of a support player. Why gambit is number 1 then? Ok im guessing your answer : Cheats Online Awp abuser Strats abuser
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
He is not mentionning that stewie is calling on nuke. 16-5 against dignitas. If you are looking on many mistakes, look there my friends.
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
You re funny. Elige is untouchable. If the team goes bad and stewie play bad, you will see -Stewie . Stewie is the most hated player in liquid, even more than fallen
osee so bad
Yes , many are saying -Fallen +Osee because they think Osee a huge improvment. Osee is a great NA awper, but EU tier 1/2 is a reality check.
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
But if you follow your logic, fallen ruined mibr. I still think tactily wise msl is better than tarik. +tarik is more nostalgia than nothing else. They won a major not because they are more structure...
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
But you are delusional about tarik and a bit with osee. Eg has even worse result than liquid. Tarik cant igl, (except if you talk about 1 event and didnt repeat anything after that), cant frag and ose...
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
Tarik didn't repeat anything else after that. He didn't IGL since that and honestly, he makes very often silly move, so I doubt, he will be a good IGL. Even +MSL will be a better move than +Tarik. Gr...
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
If tommrow, extra salt get 10 rounds in total, I will be impressed.
OG best chemistry
Its still doesnt say anything. He is right about honeymoon. It doesnt mean that they can achieve nothing after that
Brasil "-junior"
Junior was not good but he has to fit on hen1's shoes, which is not easy. And stop been delusional, havu is a t2 team and nothing more. Furia is probably 1,5 tiers. Furia can beat astralis or simil...
flameZ to OG? (Prob bait)
Nobody cares about roles, add ropz, add frozen, all the guy are not caller. Who's gonna be the second caller? Who cares ? they are good players. What is if the roles are clashing ? Who cares ? they ...
flameZ to OG? (Prob bait)
But the guy is kinda delusional. Valde is the second caller. He is not performing as ppl expect, but he is definilly more usefull than tanki5d thinks. He thinks a team need 5 starplayers to perform, h...
MICHU > flamez
But you may agree flamezz is Still a huge gamble. He probably never play on lan. So we dont really know if he can handles pressure.