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BIG gade
Odd , xantares should go to a international roster. They dont have any Turkish igl except maj3r
I think the major problems was the trust issue. Hunden traded the information without asking his teammates. The team voted unanimously to not let him go to cologne. That thing made me worry about the ...
Msl Team Roster
I bet more on MSL, Aizy, Fessor, Nato, Gade/roeJ
Team Liquid RUSH
Stewie is a hyped player and can sacrifice, but on all other aspects, he is pretty average : tilt a lot, too much emotional to be a good IGL, perform based a lot of his mood, whiff a lot, can play imp...
Team Liquid RUSH
You're funny. Since Falling is probably going by to IGL (according to Elige), get rid of Stewie Emo kid, +Rush.
This is why RUSH got benched
True, I really like JKS, but he's underperforming in this team. I doubt adding Esetag and peacemaker would change much. Too many clashes roles, too many bad habits, bad synergy, a bad system of lurkin...
This is why RUSH got benched
The team will be better, but not by a big margin. It doesn't change the lack of unity, the lack of deep strats on t's side and the bad discipline. I understand why RUSH had to left, but the direction ...
But at this point, the whole team is outdated. Stew have a position rating every 3 games, elige is really off (probably too much valorant). I miss nitro as a igl, stew is very far from him.
No its elige and stew who cannot kill nobody or do stupid move who cost them rounds.
Amanek and Jackz bench soon?
Ppl tend to like fpl. You cannot swap a player and the next match, everything is sorting out. They build that lineup for almost one year. And honnestly, taking an awper on t2 team is a long term proce...
Why G2 lost Grand final
The hltv rating doesn't explain that niko got all the favorite spot, dont have to change his roles and get good/great rating but not amazing. He is the star, so expectation are higher. In this duel, ...
G2 Kick the Frenchies
no entry fragger ?
G2 Kick the Frenchies
There is no space for real awpers. Do you think niko and hunter will set up for the awper ? Ppl saying shiro is baiting. No, he is last guy in the fight, to make sure to keep his awp (more important i...
-Fallen +KennyS??
Honestly, it is obvious. Osee don't want to quit his friend (JT and Sonic). He declined cloud9's offer too. He is good, but he wants to keep surfing against na t2 teams. He doesn't have the mentality ...
-Fallen +KennyS??
nt tarik :)