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Natus Vincere vs Moscow Five
SK Gaming vs
nice VP
Video! Need your support
last more time
Video! Need your support
Sorry for getting this topic to the top, but still he needs 500 mroe views! Guys please!
Video! Need your support
Yeah i know. But it froze just an hour ago, so maybe only like +20 views
Video! Need your support
I really need your help!
HB Markeloff
i am feeling special cause i was born at the same day. Kidding. HB Marik
Bulgaria vs Lithuania
But don't you think it's stupid to write "if that player woul play it would be". It sounds childish. By the way: We managed to go through groups and lost...
Bulgaria vs Lithuania
why write such comments when you already won? If the game would be in 2010 we would won. Sounds stupid, right?
Bulgaria vs Lithuania
Lithuania played pretty well for T side and a little bit more luck for Bulgarians in those 2x2 situations when Lithuania played as CT. Good game guys. GL Bulgaria
Bulgaria vs Lithuania
It should be equal match, i think. But not knowing Lithuanian team line-up it's difficult to say.
Do you like my Country ?
Everyone just vote for their country and knowing Pakistan population it's normal..
Guys isn't it awkward when person ask about your idol and the answer is counter-strike player. It's like... no life.
Yoo Jae Suk Cho Hyo Jin
Do you like my Country ?
Don't take those words seriously. It is one of those kids, who heard other people saying bad words about Polish people and just started copying them. That's why all of this is happening, i think.