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NAVI showed weakness
I agree with that i just cant get on board of it happening until I see it happening what a terrible position to be in, always close to winning titles but never capable of winning them
NAVI showed weakness
i would bet 0 on g2 WINNING a major they haven't won shit, always come 2nd-3rd unlikely they win the biggest tournament of the year if they havent won anything
NAVI showed weakness
They aren't GUARANTEED to win the major but clearly are the biggest favorites. They probably have a 25% chance of winning the major but I guarantee you that Astralis ain't nowhere close The thing wit...
If navi win the major
lets go
how often do you cry?
crying is fun makes me feel good after
Envy Twitter drama
+1 also he asked the person he was arguing with to look at Envy's results over the past 2 years and the guy pulled up the last 2 years of cs results (which are shit) and then Hastr0 got mad that he di...
baby keem
Hundred thousand on her, she know she gang (she's hot)
baby keem
i could care less if its good music, its good music
Brehze not playing for fall groups
can they please drop this roster and go full eu
this is such a weird grand final
+1 extremely off games from them
Motivated shox is the G O A T
mr e man is scary
Motivated shox is the G O A T
u really waited all this time huh i got banned by the time it took you to write this message
jackinho thread
this is extremely true
Liquid blatant throw
nip could potentially threaten their chances to win, but furia would not