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Turkish superteam
As i love turkish teams(I was supporting Space Soldiers) i hope that won't happen.Players like Xantares and Woxic deserve to play in best teams.I am hoping that Xantares will go international.I just r...
Pro u respect most
BIG gade
I 100% agree with u.I hope Xantares will stay in international team coz he is too talented(I don't want project like Gorillaz which was bad after the hype they got).Maybe FaZe for Olof?
BIG gade
I hope not.I want these guys to win something.Woxic to Complexity and Xantares to FaZe and well this looks great.
BIG gade
How about that? Gade is replacing Xantares and Turkish beast is going to FaZe? That would be great :) Viel Gluck Gade!
He is good as content creator but not as Pro player.
Here We Go Again In Poland
It's their 3 disband.Let's go for record in history XD
Here We Go Again In Poland
Pompa Team-Team in Poland which created many talents like Mynio.But org is very badly organised.
Here We Go Again In Poland
Coz it's like their 3 disband XD
why ALEX ??
Alex was pretty good in Vitality and LDLC
Why am I so bad at betting
Just don't bet on Academy Teams coz they sometimes win with better team just to screw with worse.Try to Bet on BIG Academy or Fnatic Rising coz they look very good and Fnatic is winning my bets.
why ALEX ??
Alex still the best IGL here available.If u want someone better then u have to spend some big money.Yeah u can search for IGL from worse teams like sLowi from Havu but i think Alex is better.
how many languages do you speak?(correct edition)
My Native is Polish,I speak perfectly in English and good in German and also i write very good in these languages but better in German.By myself i was learning Russian(I am decent) and Turkish(I have ...