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nafany's new hairstyle
Lmao same as mine :) But i have normal colour XD
NikO kekW
He is not killing teams.It's not his fault that they don't have AWP player and they have underperforming JackZ also Nexa is not in good form so Niko and Hunter are carrying G2.
Anonymo vs BLINK
Don't worry.Rest will be underperforming so unlucky for RigoN.
Anonymo vs BLINK
Not always LOL. Blink will go home after this match.
Anonymo vs BLINK
Watch out! There will be some bottles on server. XD
I give u my opinion about OG -Aleksib is not best IGL but he is not bad but i feel like his teams play good CS but they are not capable of winning tournaments. -niko was a reject from Heroic and no wo...
Best Liquid line ups
Best Liquid Lineup -RedWateR and Bottle.
Izako Boars vs Anonymo
I mean Suonko is better than Enzo but Repo is worse IGL than TOAO but we will see.
I hope the betway team will win.... XD (it's battle of the inconsistent teams)
Enterprise vs HONORIS
Still it's interprise....
Evil Geniuses vs MAD Lions
Even tho EG is not really good they should beat team like Mad Lions who couldn't even beat mighty Loba
how old are you?
How can rain be so fucking good
Prob the most underrated pro in CSGO.Everyone wants to change him but forget how big is his work in Faze.
I love that kind of bait.Ropz ur a Legend.
Jeez that looks like a disabled Watford logo