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Gambit vs Heroic
FURIA vs Astralis
One of the best halves of Counter Strike I have seen!
FURIA vs Astralis
STOP. STOP. STOP IT. They’re already dead.
Gambit vs Astralis
All in Gambit +1.5. I'd recommend everybody else goes Astralis 2-0.
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
I use Midnite, mainly because they process withdrawals quickly and haven't restricted my stakes, whereas most other bookies I can only get £20/£30 on but use bet365 for the live feed. Only thing that'...
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
I'm not really fussed about profiting, just enjoy watching CS and the strategy behind it. If I win, it's a bonus but prefer the challenge of picking out good selections, especially backing teams that ...
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
Makes perfect sense! I am approx £500 down this month already, and it's possible the above logic is the reason why haha. I have put my money where my mouth is and had £300 on Winstrike to take Mirage!
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
But they've played it almost 4x more and have a higher win percentage. Winstrike have played 9 times since beginning of March and won 5 times (55%), Nemiga have played 5 times in the same time period ...
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
What's the logic behind this? I'd of had Winstrike winning on Mirage but keen to know more than I already do
Sinners vs Sprout
When you back Sinners -2.5 and Sinners go 13-5 ahead, Sprout come back for overtime and Sinners win 19-16 so your bet wins. Will be buying a lottery ticket tonight and sharing the winnings with every...
Sinners vs Dignitas
Need Sinners to win for £950. GGWP Dig!
Dignitas vs Nordavind
#66 will be posting my bets on here more often if they bring me this much luck!
Dignitas vs Nordavind
Gone for over 2.5 maps in this match and Skade to win in a double. Bet the opposite to win.
Wisla Krakow vs Sprout
Just backed Sprout to win Map 2, sorry to everyone else who will now lose because of me.