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DBL removed Mirage Ence removed Vertigo DBL pick Dust 2 Ence pick Train DBL removed Inferno Ence removed Nuke Overpass decider
Gambit vs FURIA
1. FURIA removed Dust2 2. Gambit removed Nuke 3. FURIA picked Train 4. Gambit picked Overpass 5. Furia removed Vertigo 6. Gambit removed Inferno 7. Mirage last over
DBL ban Mirage Alternate ban Train DBL pick Nuke Alternate pick Inferno DBL ban Overpass Alternate ban Dust 2 Vertigo decider
Heroic vs FURIA
1. FURIA removed Dust2 2. Heroic removed Train 3. FURIA picked Vertigo 4. Heroic picked Nuke 5. FURIA removed Overpass 6. Heroic removed Mirage 7. Inferno was left over
Gambit vs Astralis
Gambit vs Astralis
okay vodka guy, can you argument?
Gambit vs Astralis
1. Gambit ban Nuke 2. Astralis ban Mirage 3. Gambit pick Overpass 4. Astralis pick Inferno/D2 (25% and 75%) 5. Gambit ban Inferno/D2 6. Astralis ban Train 7. Vertigo decider
Heroic vs NIP
1. NIP removed Vertigo 2. Heroic removed Dust2 3. NIP picked Train 4. Heroic picked Nuke 5. NIP removed Mirage 6. Heroic removed Inferno 7. Overpass was left over vs ENCE
cuz they ban mirage sometimes, they Mirage against Faze, but they ban Vertigo too
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
1. Complexity removed Train 2. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo 3. Complexity picked Overpass 4. Natus Vincere picked Nuke 5. Complexity removed Dust2 6. Natus Vincere removed Mirage 7. Inferno was left ... vs ENCE
1. ENCE removed Mirage 2. removed Nuke 3. ENCE picked Train 4. picked Vertigo 5. ENCE removed Inferno 6. removed Dust II 7. Overpass was left over 2-0 for VP and reall...
G2 vs Liquid
G2 ban Overpass Liquid ban Train G2 pick Dust II Liquid pick Vertigo G2 ban Nuke Liquid ban inferno Mirage Decider
FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix
1. FunPlus Phoenix removed Mirage 2. FURIA removed Dust2 3. FunPlus Phoenix picked Nuke 4. FURIA picked Vertigo 5. FunPlus Phoenix removed Inferno 6. FURIA removed Overpass 7. Train was left over
Evil Geniuses vs Endpoint
okay good to know but my pick and ban still same for me
Liquid vs
Liquid ban Train VP ban Nuke Liquid pick Vertigo VP pick Dust 2 Liquid ban Inferno VP ban Mirage Overpass decider