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Coaching History in order:

- Eros S39 MDL (Premier) - 5th place overall finish in our division. Performed both coaching and analyst roles this season. One slot away from playoffs again.

- GGPR S38 MDL (Premier) - Started #2 overall 3-1, then had to FF the rest of the matches cause of the new ESL rules, and used a backup. Performed both coaching and analyst roles this season. Missed playoffs by one match.

- GGPR S37 MDL (Premier) - 7th place overall, finished Playoffs 0-2

- GGPR S36 MDL (Premier) - 5th place overall, finished Playoffs 1-2

- GGPR S35 ADV - 2nd place overall, Playoff Grand Finalist, 2-0 MDL Relegation, moved to MDL

- GGPR DreamHack Open - 1st place

- Hyper S34 ADV - Top 5 finish in Advanced, 3-2 playoffs, 1-2 MDL Relegation


Played Invite in all leagues Professionally (ESEA-Invite, CEVO-Professional, CAL-Invite)
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