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Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
If navi keep on popping off next year then b1t will easily be top 6
Then why join vitality to win it all? You don't do that if don't want to grind. Just join an NA org and chill if you just want a check
Top 3 dominating teams of 2022
Navi wins everything then vitality trades second places with gambit and g2 changes name to g4 since they only place top 4
Top 3 dominating teams of 2022
Rain on lan is great. If this faze team with ropz plays on lan hopefully all of next year then faze will be super scary
B1T won't last much longer in CS.
He is young as hell in the cs world. There's judt no way you grind your way up to the top for years just to lose motivation after winning a b1t. Maybe after 5 majors he retires
B1T won't last much longer in CS.
Vp would actually be crazy good with b1t tho.
s1mple: "Right now, I'd say yes [we're in the NAVI era]"
Yeah it's like saying liquid are better than old nip and fnatic since they have an IGS
Liqu1d > Navi?
It's gonna be a repeat of global finals where navi beat liquid in the lower bracket.
You like your country?
I love my my country. Norway is the best place in the world with the living standard here. Would I die for my country tho.... I don't know if there is any country I would die for lol. I would die for ...
Valtteri Bottas
If bottas didn't go bowling in hungary then the championship would have already been over. Have some respect lol
True i put them in the wrong order
You want my non biased take? Well let's see... 1. S1mple 2. Zywoo 3. Niko 4.Shiro 5. Electronic 6. B1t 7. Hobbit 8. Ax1le 9. Yekindar 10. Dev1ce ... OK kinda biased lol. Could happen thoo depending o...
We’re in the NAVI era
Era isn't official yet. But every era has a start and navi are well into the start of the era. This will be remembered as the start of their era. It's like astralis two year dominance like.. you can't...