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Favourite player: kennyS
Favourite team: G2
Dream team:
kennyS (2014-15)
olofmeister (2015)
Happy (2014-15)
flusha (2013-14)
Xyp9x (2018)


NiP bandwagoners (dev1ce fangays) have left a bad taste in my mouth, feel bad for true NiP fans who are associated to such delusional fuckers
kennyS is the greatest awper in csgo history
dev1ce is the most consistent and decorated player in csgo
s1mple is the most skilled player in csgo history, with niko coming in close 2nd
no one deserves a major trophy more than GuardiaN
LANs were more fun to watch than online
Gambit boys arent flukers, their hardwork and t2 grinding is paying off
French scene had the most talent out of any region but egos and conflicts ruined it

Good users whom I respect -

valarante child game.... look to cartoon grapfix to make kid player happy like children show.. valarante cartoon world with rainbow unlike counter strike chad with dark corridorr and raelistic gun.. valarante like playhouse. valarant playor run from csgo fear of dark world and realism
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NaToSaphiX is unreal
xaxaxaxaxaxa nice one
this is what s1mple and ZywOo have been doing s1mple for a longer time tough to be a hard carry
NaToSaphiX is unreal
if it was kennyS, I would be fapping on it all week
Zywoo goat
Ah what a sight, a ZywOo fan and a s1mple fan rare to see them not fighting like dogs
NaToSaphiX is unreal
If it was s1mple, you would be fapping on it all day
KennyS to Valorant?
happy ex6 scream all valorant :( but its nice to see scream finally finding success
KennyS to Valorant?
KennyS to Valorant?
chill he isnt switching to valorant, this thread is 2 months old when there were leaks of him switching now he is grinding cs in streams and has explicitly mentioned he will stay in cs and when he fee...
KennyS to Valorant?
well he aint wrong.. guardian gone, olof about to be gone, gtr gone, happy gone, ex6tenz gone, scream (even tho he was overrated but still v famous) gone, young talents also going
KennyS to Valorant?
yea agreed the guy was being a bit delusional because in this shitty pandemic era, orgs are losing money, NA scene is big example of this so i could imagine carlos letting kenny go for way cheaper tha...
Most iconic moment in CS:GO by casters
yes and i agree with your name, idk y i prefer the old guard of cs more, the old sounds, old inferno being so cramped but still had so many memorable highlights miss the legends now :(
KennyS to Valorant?
ok mens i read the argument you destroyed the guy lul
KennyS to Valorant?
why u bump this mens))