Before reading make sure you enjoy life.

I'm the kind of guy who like to talk about girls, icecream, summer and beers

None of my posts/comments on this account or at any alt are trolls.
They are true stories and this is how i like to express myself in a comic way.
Got multibans because admins think im a troller/baiter but im real never baited not even once here in hltv, you can scroll thousends of comments and threads you will find 0 bait but admins iq lower than a random month number.

The tshirt ill wear at majors >
my setup >
my fps guide >

Mirage thread deleted but cached >

4k elo +W player
Pro players are the one who ask me to sign their profiles.
Im fan only of good guys.
Shift players for me = Bots abusers of patience of alpha players
Fan of ZYWOO <3 and VITALITY
Stephano123 is best user on HLTV but in csgo he is a troller, i dont know why he sleeps in the school maybe because he is homeless.
I reported him once and he got 3 days ban, after he trolled with some mafia thing and dosia find succes in hellreiser meme and got 10y.
He is half serb but i dont care im not racist. ALBANIA + SERBIA = FRIENDS
I carried him in mm he is good with pistol and after he goes afk.
Classic mirage abuser and s1mple fan boy but still he communicates good and is good guy.

Good guys on hltv are many:

Maybe Jonty also
and many more

DrunkRussianBettor said :
"hltv hypocriters read this me bet $2€ call me poor me bet $100€ call me liar"

I said drunk:
"Girs mens))) they our mind crazy"

Got more than 1000 years in bans on my alts

ALL the possible things but here i am still on this fascinating site and here you are reading at my bio
VITALITY + ALBANIAN FLAG = 99.999999999999% me so say hi when you see it

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