Welcome to paradise of baiting.
"best baits are far baits" - veryPog (

"EZ4VOLVO" - volvo_making_lot_of_money
"ezi for volvo volvo uper pupper fish XD uber boober bish XD"




delusional thinking this scene is clean with so much money involved not the ethically the best player who mostly have some past involved in cheating just look at how much a bug has been abused and what if you are caught nothing and with poorest of anti-cheat rules ever.
Also, why would valve enforce anti-cheat when you have such a delusional fanbase, they can't even get rid of MM hacker not to talk about some 1000$ cheat which will look legit even if someone told you it's actually some aimbot for example trigger bots made by a cheap hacker are sometimes so hard to detect forget a 1000$ such trigger bot and ESP hacks using sounds or god knows what they use now.
of course no one knows other than who does these jobs, but you can't deny cheating is way easier, there are a lot of players desperate to have an edge because they have pour all their lives in a game and not making to top simply means your hard work ain't worth anything and this is hard to accept for anyone, also cheat development is a big business you know what happen in china recently with catching those millionaire cheat developing frauds, they are rich because a lot of people are buying their expensive cheats, and at the last no one from these people will ever want you to know this so trusting them is just foolishness. keep questioning because when you don't then they get more confident.


s1mpleAWP bait NAVi -

once in a wood there lived three sisters
s0mple p1mple p0mple.
Then came a tiger ?
all of the sisters started shouting
"you go first"
"you go first"
"you go first"
but neither of them dared to go first.
Now tiger started laughing ?
and said "me eat u all"
"cause baiting doesn't works on me at all"

the above poem is just for bait purpose and doesn't means anything, don't take it seriously, at the above of all it only make s1mple(arguably the best) more popular and relevant more than ever.

HLTV user I appriciate:

Mod himself saying the N word and then now he bans other for the same lmao, this is not the only example, there are lot of such.

important to me for some analysis:
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