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NAVI Junior vs AVE
No fucking way it happened ahshsjahahahahah
new c9 roster?
because terminating a contract costs you money
Lyngby Vikings vs K23
I'm not a "best future predictor" I just knew that K23 was gonna perform badly. Fame isn't the same he was before, Norbert looks like he lost all of his skills and one between Adren and Nealan are hol...
Lyngby Vikings vs K23
K23 struggles too much, like yesterday vs Cowana, watching them play the regular season in Advanced was a real pain in the ass, 1.78 might be decent but I'll still go with Lyngby, it could even be a 2...
Lyngby Vikings vs K23
People are underestimating Lyngby Vikings too much
Bad News Bears vs Mythic
Yeah, why would you give less than 4x odds on Mythic vs Bad News Bears and are surprised about the 10x odds? Why are you surprised that Triumph had 4x odds vs Extra Salt? Triumph at the moment are not...
Bad News Bears vs Mythic
You realize this is a streamer team vs people who are hungry for money and are trying their hardest to impress orgs? Mythic wins are against bad premier teams who somehow are playing in their same tie...
DBL PONEY vs Fiend
I know, I was saying that tournaments like Premier are already using the latest patch, so I assume Elisa Invitational is being played on tonight's update
DBL PONEY vs Fiend
Yep, Premier is already being played with the new patch
Fiend vs eSuba
Nah, they're just shit, went 3-6 in Advanced losing vs trash opponents and forfeited the remaining 5 games, i guess Dreamer's aimware subscription expired.
SAW vs Dolej Miodu
Of course, there's zero chance for Saw to make it into the major seeing the leaderboards
AIRLYA vs Eternal Fire
Cause you know i'm right and you don't know what to say, good
AIRLYA vs Eternal Fire
He left cause Chaos dropped the CS roster and seeing the state of the NA scene he switched and joined a Valorant team to earn 5 times what he was earning in Chaos lmfao do you even know what you're ta...
AIRLYA vs Eternal Fire
The guy has got a chronic disease and jumped ship to earn 10/20k a month at 16, that's why he disappeared, it was smart ad and he's insane on Valorant aswell, you all should stop judging players becau...
AIRLYA vs Eternal Fire
I'm talking about Chaos vs MIBR, do you mean Chaos vs Team One @ DH Winter I Believe where T1 fans were cheering for their team and having a laugh because Chaos lost? That's a whole different thing th...