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Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
17-16 means 19-16
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
So you actually sweating about ur #70 statement
Astralis Talent vs NAVI Junior
22/7/2021 : navi still sleepy and coach thinks this is lootbet series 29/7/2021 : navi realize that this is academy league with $100.000 PP That’s why they gonna try hard everyday and practice like cr...
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
Map 3 quick under 26.5
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
Lel they literally 3v5 every rounds, and when they 13 they actually save with 3v5. Yes I knew it is going to be 1-1, but man this script is funny
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
The script is just too ez to read
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
Paqueta throw vtg and win the rest
FURIA Academy vs fnatic Rising
Just wait 15 and fnoobtic will do the same shit againts vpp
FURIA Academy vs fnatic Rising
Finally we can really see how this fnoobdick overrated garbage regali rekted by the worse academy out there XD Fnatic main team is the worst team out there, and their academy will naturally follow the...
FURIA Academy vs fnatic Rising
Just wait for furia t side, they are surprisingly good at T
FURIA Academy vs fnatic Rising
Good start furia Show this fnoobtic kiddo that they deserve to disband for losing to worse academy
FURIA Academy vs fnatic Rising
it doesn't work like that. they will reach 15 and throw it like yesterday againts vp.pee then they tilt once more and disband once this league is done
NAVI Junior vs VP.Prodigy
VP.Prodigy vs fnatic Rising
Still watching the bomb time The fckin code wasn’t even finish Just try to compare #152 with this Hand motion touching bomb is suppose at 3, then you press the code unti...
Astralis Talent vs BIG Academy
Even if big reach 15, it’s still not a sure win cus fnadick able to throw it away :)