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Dev1ce to valorant
full astralis roster will tranfer to vaLULrant
Es3tag back to Astralis?
soon (i hope, i really do)
you never know, we all never know untill an annoucement comes out, all just rumors and even bullshit here and there, but at this point -whoever on the team seems believable because since they tried 7 ...
astralis the account itself also says; could just be a break but looked interesting to inform you on
Es3tag back to Astralis?
i mean they have said a lot of stuff, but we will see what will happen the ones untouched (i think) are at least magisk and dupreeh of what ive read and heard
there was just a thread about -device and xyp's retirement, so either one of those or even both i have no clue
Es3tag back to Astralis?
i mean he just fitted in very well as an all-round player especially in that system, just sad he threw it away for money in c9
Es3tag back to Astralis? yeah and then this as well
dont think its bait, because i saw a thread about this as well and dupreeh posted a pic of him and estag in the gym but also with the eyes emoji just like glaive tweeted and pimp did
Es3tag back to Astralis?
i mean its not 100% sure but its prob related towards glaive also tweeting the eyes
stopped reading after everyone
i mean they see each other as family almost, i dont know how long they have been together but its been a veryyyyyyyyy long time
yeah because a lot said -xyp or -magisk but, astralis have been very confusing ever since they just went with a 7 man roster
well problem is jackz is a decent entry but amanek in 2020 had one of the highest impact ratings on t-sides, and for the love of God dont make niko go ego again
Im gonna guess they were talking about this tweet