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r8 your own life
4/10 atm, job sucks, not enough freetime, relationship suffers from both jobs (gf's + mine). feels like we both not getting the next step while we're going to our limits job-wise, but afterall we're l...
Astralis vs Heroic
In your ass, have it. EZ. GG, EAAAASYY.
analyst desk
remove both and put Machine next to Spunj. Most zexy duo of all time no homo!
Astralis vs Heroic
i'd love to, not gonna happen. You win - ez. HF tonight, enjoy - have a nice day :)
Astralis vs Heroic
i'd love to see a regame vs. Vitality and after it Navi - Astralis for the final but I think it's just not gonna happen.. ugly Heroic will take it 2-0, they win on Nuke and on Mirage is my guess ;( Ma...
hobbit trilogy
hobbit trilogy
should've been 2 Movies and without this war. Felt like they just wanted to milk the cow, the book is 10 times better actually. Anyway it's a decent triology for lazy Sundays, especially 1.+2. movies.
Dignitas sign pita as new head coach
Did you followed 2021 Major and the RMR? CPH outplayed some of the best teams in the world to qualify and nearly reached top8 Playoffs. To a team like CPH it‘s more than you could ever ask for of a s...
olof, karrigan, rain
We can‘t compare every team out there to ‚prime NiKo‘, S1mple and Electronic. Those are 3 of the most outstanding players out there right now. Of course they didn‘t all show up their highest level to...
Lucky: "The people saying gla1ve took the AWP from me, it's not true at all"
Maybe if Kenny pops off big next tournament they realize they did a fcking mistake.
olof, karrigan, rain
Yep, they got BlameF'd really hard actually :D
olof, karrigan, rain
Have you watched Rain on Nuke? He won that map single handed.