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Heroic Disband soon
I mean you did literally say "Polish brain: disband" so when you do it its not racist?
overhated games
+1. When Cyberpunk first released I was lucky enough to have a next gen console. Game ran great other than a few glitches but other than that, the story was amazing, environment was so well designed a...
We are honestly so bad right now, Tier 3 at best. I know snappi said that he finally feels comfortable being with Ence but he seriously needs to go. Just did a quick check and out of like 50 maps he's...
Astralis : +s1mple
This would be absolutely insane if Astralis went for this. Device leaving is a huge blow for the team, BUT, if s1mple was to join it would arguably be the best roster move in CS history
UK workers help
Just the last place that you had any kind of education should be alright whether its a Uni, College or School
hardest dark souls 3 bosses
I'd like to see you try and play it without getting annoyed for dying over 100 times lmao
Underrated or overrated
+1 kennyS is the most overrated player in CS
What is your honest opinion on Valorant?
The main thing I don't like about it, is the fact that it's completely symmetrical. What I mean by this is that both sides have access to the same weapons, same abilities, same everything, whereas in ...
rip ESL?
Seeing teams like Man City play against teams like Barca or Real Madrid every week is the least exciting concept ever. The thrill of the Champions League is that these teams only play eachother a few ...
Resident Evil 8
And what evidence do you have to back this up?
shit is going down in football
I still just cannot believe that the Super League is actually a real idea. It's honestly such a stupid idea and I'm so glad that FIFA and EUFA are both against it as well as at least 90% of football f...
Your Favourite AK skin
My overall favorite has to be the Hydroponic. Such a clean skin with great colors, I just wish that I could afford it since its so expensive. My favorite affordable skin is definitely the Point Disarr...
Football Crisis
If the Super League actually happens, it will be the complete death of football as we know it. As a Tottenham fan, I am disgusted with the decisions that the club, and other clubs have made. Its all f...
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