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Favorite CSGO moments

- flusha 2v5 in 2018 IEM Kato final and then aces game to bring it to OT and win the tournament
- flusha VAC against Navi in PGL Major 2017 where he kills seized right through the connector panel
- olofboost in Dreamhack Winter 2014
- JW sawed-off vs VP eco
- Ence making finals in IEM Kato 2019
- s1mple 1v4 against G2 in Blast Premier Spring Final 2021
- old JW and apex twitch streams
- DBL Poney video before game against vitality which they won
- Anonymo beating the new NIP roster but then had to replay game

True Story

I once woke up on a cold Sunday morning. I was shivering from head to toe and quickly put some clothes on. As I opened the curtains, who did I see? It was a beautiful flusha, emerging from the bushes. The sun started to shine, the birds started to sing and my heart was soothing with love.

I screamed out: "FLUSHA! My love! Where were you all this time?" But he didn't answer, he quickly disappeared back into the bushes. The day went on and my head couldn't comprehend why he decided to come out then. I went to my fridge, got some bacon and started cooking it on the stove.
"Knock knock" I hear at my door as the bacon starts to sizzle in the oil. I opened the door and to my surprise I saw JW!

"Please, sir, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease..." he cried out. "Stop hurting my friends!" I was confused and his face started to bring out the sorrow in my heart. I asked him how I could help but he was too hurt and could barely talk anymore. I quickly went back to the kitchen to get my phone and call an ambulance, but when I arrived, I saw a bald head vanish in the bushes of my garden with the bacon I was cooking. I got my phone and returned to JW but he had also disappeared.
What the hell is going on today?
I looked out the door and tried to look around the driveway for JW but it was to no avail. I closed the door and all of a sudden saw a note hanging on the door. It just said: "Thank you, you have made the right decision :)"

Thinking all of this was a dream, I forced myself to go back to sleep and tried to forget about what just happened. I woke up a couple hours later, looked outside and saw nothing. I opened the door, looked around my house and saw nothing. I called out for flusha and JW, but got no response...

"Huh...", I thought to myself, "maybe this was just a dream." I went to my computer downstairs, turned it on and went to the hltv forums. I looked through the threads, saw all my favorite users like volvo_making_lots_of_money and LtN)). But something caught my eye. It was a thread at the bottom of the list with a surprising title. It read out: "Jonathan E is no longer a moderator." I didn't believe him, but as I refreshed the site, I saw a new news article on the main page.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It finally happened. Peace was brought to the hltv page, where you could finally write things like "+1" or "ok". I rapidly put on some clothes and ran to the nearest supermarket to buy some champagne to celebrate the event. I ran into the shops and looked for the alcohol section. I found it and was going through the different alcohols faster than ever before. Adrenaline filled my body up like never before, as I was crabwalking to my side to see all the different options. But suddenly I bump into someone and the champagne in my hands fall down. I open my eyes, laying on the ground covered in expensive alcohol and I see this man in front of me reaching his hand out to help me back up to my feet. I was feeling thank you and as I took a look at his face, I felt a memory in the back of my brain light up, like an old candle.
"Are you pronax?" He replied softly: "Yes. The years haven't been so nice to me and ever since that amazing year of 2015, my life has been going down rapidly." I could see the pain in his eyes, he looked like he was one drop of wine away from turning to the dark side.

------------Not finished yet--------------

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