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Hello :)
I'm happy right now. Are you?
Forum posts
Good bait. Fell for it. Feeling dumb right now.
Which pov today?
+1. See you on Dupreeh's stream ))) Best entry fragger in the world. Would be fascinating to see how the legend does it.
NaVi vs Furia :-- Analysis
That's exactly it. The need everyone firing on cylinders :(
NaVi vs Furia :-- Analysis
Lord Boombla wins matches for Na'vi. He performs. Na'vi performs. Easy )))
NaVi vs Furia :-- Analysis
I actually think a G2 which pops off is the team with the best chance to beat Gambit. After Heroic and Na'vi of course,
NaVi vs Furia :-- Analysis
Think Na'vi can win if Boomle4 be more aggressive than ArT. I don't wanna jinx it and think ahead. One match at a time mens ))
sad day boys
Good luck!! You got this!!
English speaker come
Learnt English through HLTV, improved it in order to make sense on HLTV. Thus, HLTV is where I learnt to write in English :)
end of NAVI
I have a feeling that this is what their very confusing team speak is all about! S1mple go kill!!!
Ropz pics compilation
That was funny af. "Don't mess with this guy"
most loved pro players
+1 )) Jks is nice but I literally never see him smile or laugh for some reason mens (( Is he cool that way?
nice people thread
I pray you do achieve that objective tomorrow ))
nice people thread
Ah well. Brazil best football international team ))) I am bad at sports now but I like playing it for the challenge. Just like CSGO!!
most loved pro players
Zeus? And PashaBiceps! They are very nice people :))
nice people thread
No thank you bro! I hope you had a nice day?