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they usually step back and admit when they are wrong, there would be no need to hate blade now if he is coaching a winning team now
grill help
just fuck her who cares she aint gonna sue you and 2 years of age is kind of a normal difference
NiP Xyp9x
well im talking about now, not looking into history but now, but i think the reason for that is the personality but nvm that topic, In healthy volunteers, total brain volume weakly correlates with int...
NiP Xyp9x
im not saying there are no smart women, i am saying that on average they are, most of the top people in their field are men
inshallah he will get well soon
he does his job in the team perfectly and doing everything he has and is allowed to do, pretty sure their gameplant doesnt let sh1ro go for crazy stuff, they are always looking to set him up for easy ...
NiP Xyp9x
well you kinda supported his argument with the women thing, considering they are less intelligent than men and have a smaller brain there might be a correlation
ygo deck
dont know what is played rn but i used to run with cyber dragons and dheroes during the gx time and played blackwings when synchros came around when the xyzs came in i quit
CIS =/= international
yeah who says other wise, a balkan team would also not be international for example
Acor keeps underperforming
yeah at this point there is no reason at all to not give torzsi a chance on the main roster
Yes Credible source: a_real_men
Fnatic UK inc
he used to be on the phone in practice and stuff because he had some issues with his ex gf and this made him irratateable etc which is why he had these outbreaks and motivational issues, he wasnt in t...
agree that bundesliga is trash but they are still great strikers also performing in UCL, but the Bundesliga stats are still inflated because its farmer league