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fiXiNg tEaMsSssS
XENEX vs Endpoint
Where are the Xenex guys from?
your all-time favourite team?
Haha, I'm actually that old ;-)
your all-time favourite team?
SK: HeatoN Potti Fisker Ahl SpawN
Spirit vs G2
Really like both these teams. Whenever I see Spirit play they just seem to play so well together and just play extremely solid throughout. Great mix of firepower and just overall great CS. Degster is ...
He's the man, really hope he shuts up the haters. Let's go Dexter!
BIG vs mousesports
Dexter is king. Really hope he shuts up all the haters. I am afraid they might need to replace Bymas but Mouse are definitely on the right track. Not nearly a true contender, but a dangerous team on a...
JaCkz so bad on B site
Do we like +chrisj, have amanek be 2nd AWP / Hybrid?
Galaxy Racer vs MAD Lions
Mad Lions top 30 before EOY or I'll delete this comment.
G2 team energy high now
Haven't looked at it that way yet, good point. To be fair Amanek has impressed me on the AWP as well as in rifle rounds -- he's had some great clutches vs Spirit especially on Nuke CT side.
G2 team energy high now
Yup, love me some G2! These guys individually are just phenomenal and I really enjoy watching them play. I feel that if they'd play a bit longer together and reach that next level from a tactical pers...
OG vs G2
Grab one of those amazing German beers and enjoy my man! :)
OG vs G2
This will be a game you don't want to miss. Really like both teams and OG looked great in their last match. I'm personally a bit of a G2 fan with all this firepower in their squad. Hunter and Niko ar...
Liquid vs Dignitas
O brother those eoLithic days. I thought I was the only one on here to remember:D
Liquid vs Dignitas
Nice! GG Dignitas. This team is definitely in my personal top 5. Probably because I'm from the f0rest generation;)