Did you know that forsaken, the guy who used public cheats on lan, was "caught" by windows defender?
The best part? He used it somewhere in October, 2018. As of now it's 03/2021 and.. He still isn't vac banned! Why? Apparently valve does not manually ban players and since vac didn't detect anything then it means he's clean. He can very much still play in any team - it's just everybody knows he cheated - except for valve - and no big org will sign him.

Now, Simple CHEATED in CSGO and got banned by ESL wire anti cheat in 2013 in some versus league. Ban length was 1 year. Then it was extended for another year because he used alt acc to avoid the ban. Again, vac didn't detect anything so it means he's also clean. He says it was 1.6 ban. Other time he didn't even know he was banned. In some old hltv threads you can even read people saying it was ban in CS:S :D btw. CS:S BAN = CSGO BAN. So if it was a 1.6 ban why did he need an alt account to compete in CSGO? 1.6 and GO are treated as separate games, hence his excuse "1.6 ban". Here's a little investigation people did on his ban. I know it's a leddit link but just give it 2 minutes (
I also know that ESL ban is not VAC ban but the fact is: he did cheat. If he just didn't lie about it.. As far as valve is concerned - he's clean because vac says so.

Simple case is quite interesting because people know how BAD the vac is. Esea/faceit/ESL anti cheats are more intrusive but also more effective and more respected than vac will ever be. In any other case, if there is a ban for cheats on any other platform than Steam, then it's a 100% cheater. With simple it's always "but it was a ESL ban, it's not vac so it doesn't matter". Quite sad, actually.

I guess kqly annoyed wrong people)
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