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banned until 2030-08-15, what did I even do???????

some brazillian wrote this, saving incase its deleted :

First of all i understand i am wrong but i think he crossed the line, so.. i was watching anime when i was supposed to be studying and my dad is kinda against me being the whole day at home without social interaction, being a gaming and anime nerd and he dislike the fact i have some pink posters in my bedroom, he says that i am useless and i won't find anybody to be with me or give me any attention because i never grow up, i showed him some successful normal people that likes anime like pewdiepie and elon musk but he always ask where's my success and i have no answer, as if like i should have a reason to like what i like, i cannot be able to watch and do whatever i want because i am a grown man with some responsabilities and i am supposed to be and do something else for society but i instead spend my time trying to kill time and ignore my social anxiety by doing so. So that day my dad was in a shit day and he decided to change me from a nerdy anime fan to an alpha male that spend his time banging girls and studying to have a good future, that's simply not me, i spend alot of time browsing HLTV and watching anime to be a person like that, so that day he came home pissed off and saw me watching anime once again when i was supposed to be studying and he started by screaming at me and pointing his finger towards my face and while he talked how useless and manchild i was he was pushing me all the time, during his screams he decided to break some action figures i had in my room (from JoJo, and he knew it was expensive) and pull some posters out of the wall, he made a ball with them and threw in my face, my mom tried to calm him down but he got even more pissed off that he was the only person with that opinion about me at home and went away and cotninued screaming and i started to hear some glass stuff breaking in the kitchen so i got even more scared and went there to beg him to stop, i said that was the last time i would watch anime but he was tired of me and all the stuff i didn't do with me life and he started throwing every glass thing in the ground, after that i took every anime thing i had in my bedroom and i hid it, i even changed my desktop wallpaper and completely erased anything from my room that resembled anime, i'm now focusing on my studies and i don't know when i will be able to finnish Soul Eater and AoT, and before some of you guys attack my dad, he's not a bad person, he just have some anger issues, he is a hard worker man and a family protector, i just want you guys to have some more respect with our anime fan community and that sometimes it's hard for us to like something that most adults see as 'childish thing', have a nice day HLTV and never ever skip a day without thanking for everything you have in your life, that'll make you happier and i am also thinking about stop with it to be honest. TL:DR => i know absolutely no one will read it to the end but my intention was just to write it somewhere and i decided to do it here, have a nice day guys and don't forget to thank about the stuff you have in your life including even the most basic stuff like having mom & friends beside you =/

if I appear rude then it was an accident or a bad joke, sorry

Jonathon E "your account is on the verge of ending up permanently locked due to its extensive ban history." :( goodbye everyone

I survived https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2464290/admin-come-here#r49317738


Okay, i didn't know what to expect coming into this song, and I'm still not sure after listening to it. This is a song i would call an ''experience''. The beat comes in, then come the synths, the string instrument. The singing then starts fast, with a lot of space given to it in the song as some of the instruments disappear. You then get even more build up (and maybe even a song of a jet flying off? I need to listen to this again hahah). It's also nice to hear a song that doesn't care about the ''silent laws'' of songs having to be shorter, and keeps building itself for a full 7 minutes. The song just keeps coming up with new ideas that shouldn't fit together, but they absolutely do. I'm also a sucker for the old-school feeling of it, with the sound replicating what you'd hear back in the late 80's/90's. I truly did not expect this to be such an experience, and to enjoy it that much more. This is a surprising 7.5/8, as i don't listen to this genre of music, but this one is something i'm adding to my personal playlist. (Also i need to understand what just happened). It was very close to a perfect score

banned until 2021-05-22 because John e can't understand basic English YAY

its the most stable job,its real cs where you can show of your cs aim skill on training so when the sergeant ask you hoow you got that aim skill-you proudly say-im global elite in cs go and level10 on faceit :)
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