“Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.” – Unknown

Choose your excuse: 1.Lags | 2.New mouse | 3.Low FPS | 4.Low team | 5.Hacker | 6.Lucker | 7.Smurf | 8.Hitbox | 9.Tickrate.

>>My random mm teammate is a really good player, he bhops around the map while looking at ground also spining around so he can't be caught off guard, shooting heads through walls, also while being flashed and thats the end of my epic tale.

p.s. I need to work on the englando to write good poem

w3m is a bit dodgy with memory allocations, this can be seen with OpenBSD and the W^X policy and mmap based malloc on mempages. The alternative is Elinks, which is also cool, and better than Lynx. There's a browser also called links. I run the elinks stuff with mutt and it securely shows me html email without any worries.

lmfao threads:

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Gamer GF come
Well when I play game my gf makes fun of my facial expressions :*(
OG iBait
because he plays b rotation, important job bruh
g2 win or free sticker
Can you give me a blue coloured foil/sticker, I am thinking of getting Icarus fall or stat track nightmare ty
gorillaz explain
LMAO 8/8
I became a manager !
Coongratz bro, lets get a burgir
first thing you do when you install windows?
Most people here do it wrong, you should take a copy/backup of your windows in a pendrive so in case of windows crash you can get a brand new windows from that pendrive backup
first thing you do when you install windows?
Yeah its because now bios are pre signed so you don't have to input the product key everytime you install windows on it
Valorant any good?
+1 I install it every month for a week or so and eventually gets disappointed
Ted Talk
True my new favorite quote "Life is not the number of days you live but the days you remember" - Sasha
Ted Talk
Well I cleared most round but then they realized I don't have a college degree to set me up on payroll p.s. hr really don't give much fuck about cvs
Ted Talk
Ok, so give this a try, its my personal favorite
Maps tier
lol its almost like #33
Maps tier
true and from most images and comments its safe to save most people love mirage and inferno and put d2 dead last
Maps tier
Yeah when I play with my agro friends its nice to play awp on overpass otherwise usually I am rifle entry and b anchor