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astralis solution
I think that on mirage blamef tryin callin but im not sure.
Navi Nuke
Guys i see how many kids still are there. Its CS, yesterday Navi won with Vita 16-6 on nuke and were 13-0 streak on nuke, tomorrow they can lost to Nemiga, its simple like 2+2.
NAF extends contract with Liquid
Kick grim, kick fallen bring back Twistzz and we got old good Liquid.
NAF extends contract with Liquid
I think he decided extend cause nitr0 is back, and also naf like also ellige did really good on blast, its last dance baby. Better stayin in liquid than join eg or other dead na team.
NAF extends contract with Liquid
So they have full squad. naf nitro ellige vini shox so nitro/naf awps
Denmark come
Navi of course. I hope they rekt apex and zywoo.
astralis solution
I think that glaive will be main awper. He improving his awp skills from match to match. He was incredible yesterday vs Heroic and as u can see, even awper like glaive was enough to win with teams lik...
astralis solution
astralis solution
But overall he doing his job good. He has worse maps, like everyone, on nuke he did great job, he was on top of the scoreboard but for me stats dont play. But evrryone knows that in this roster he is ...
astralis solution
They need to fix their trash t side on every map and glaive must be consistent with awp, i give them 3-4 months and it can be conteder for highest trophies.
astralis solution
I have solution. ITS TIME. They need time, they need to work on their map pool and their trash t side on every map, and also they need consistent awper, its time to tryin new things and its good that ...
Vitality so boring!
Its cs go man lol Today Navi can smash Vitality 32:0, but tomorrow they lost to Vita quick 2:0 or they lost to tier2/3 cis team in cis tournament.
"danes supporting danes"
Do you think that if Blast would be in Paris, then crowd could be booo Vitality or cheer Astralis? xD
Vita win final?
You didnt remember reverse sweep Astralis vs Navi 2k19? Astralis played earlier and Navi had one map advantage and then they won another map and was 2:0 for Navi, but Astralis won 3 maps left.
Astralis fix
Fix new lineup xDD 10 days practice and they ended 3rd place. They need much more time to see their full potential. Maybe 3-4 months, i hope we will see their improvements on iem katowice. Already we ...