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Natus Vincere vs FaZe
FaZe can't make it to a Grand Finale with three players averaging a 0.99 rating or lower can they?
G2 vs Astralis
-Xyp9x -Bubzkji +es3tag +Lucky(young hungry dedicated AWP 1.11 rating on Tricked) vs Astralis
Well I just dropped 2 bands on Astralis FTW so yeah wish me luck!
EG disband
EG disband
compLexity -jks +oBo EXTREMUM -BnTeT(he's 8-16 vs ES atm) +jks GORILLAZ -NaToSaphiX +CeRq Liquid -Grim -Stewie2k +Brehze +oBo
Do pros cheat? Nope.
Woro2k from MAD Lions cheats his ass off he was caught while playing for SACRAMENTO and had to FF a match against Domino Gaming he was then instantly kicked right afterwards, watch the clip! https://...
flameZ overhyped
compLexity should -RUSH +flamez and Liquid should -Grim +RUSH I think flamez would develop easier with blamef and crew and unless Liquid starts using Grim as the frag machine he always was throughout...
Extra Salt vs O PLANO
Hmm is it weird how close the twins current stats %'s are with this team and both with 1.20 rating?
Grim = meyern
Grim always had a pretty high rating throughout his career until he wasn't the "star player" anymore!
Anonymo vs AGO
Best Polish lineup could be in this era IMO. snatchie snax dycha furlan rallen
Jamppi coming back to cs confirmed?
Why not tell Junior that he seems to be having trouble with the AWP lol
Underrated Anime
Aeon Flux Akira Cowboy Bebop Princess Mononoke The Animatrix The Maxx
Underrated Anime
Haha well you're in for a treat that's for sure! Bloodiest and most brutal anime series ever it's definitely on par with "Akira", "Princess Mononoke" and "The Animatrix" level of gore lol