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Grim = meyern
Grim always had a pretty high rating throughout his career until he wasn't the "star player" anymore!
Anonymo vs AGO
Best Polish lineup could be in this era IMO. snatchie snax dycha furlan rallen
Jamppi coming back to cs confirmed?
Why not tell Junior that he seems to be having trouble with the AWP lol
Underrated Anime
Aeon Flux Akira Cowboy Bebop Princess Mononoke The Animatrix The Maxx
Underrated Anime
Haha well you're in for a treat that's for sure! Bloodiest and most brutal anime series ever it's definitely on par with "Akira", "Princess Mononoke" and "The Animatrix" level of gore lol
Underrated Anime
Shigurui: Death Frenzy
Biggest team ruiner
Biggest team ruiner
HEN1 was ranked #16 in Top 20 players of 2020 and you think that junior was an improvement?
Astralis Talent vs Tricked
Yeah since he started IGLing while gla1ve was on break he quit focusing on himself and you can tell the same with Xyp they both lack the spark they all had just a year ago but you're right I think gla...
Astralis Talent vs Tricked
Yeah I can totally see Lucky and es3tag joining in place of Xyp9x and Magisk who have been dragging the team down and Lucky has been extremely consistent over his short-lived career! gla1ve, dupreeh,...
ENCE vs EPG Family
Then why are they one of if not the most memed band of all-time? South Park, Family Guy, and a bunch of other shows I'm sure have made parodies of Nickelback and Creed for years now lol
eLevate vs Santos
Yeah it looks like they are back with a Brazilian team this time around! roca, desi, RUSH, Xp3, Storm and Professor_Chaos was when they were at their best IMO.
ENCE vs EPG Family
Imagine naming yourself after the worst band to ever pick up a guitar and a mic lol
Tricked vs Sangal
yeah he's 17 and looks like he's 35 it's his first team as well I believe lol
Gambit vs HAVU
-jemi -sLowi +Aleksib +valde = MAJOR WINNERS