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Unique vs ECLOT
? xd
forZe vs Sinners
*Zywoo is just a budget Neofrag
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
Ok I will do it for you my friend. They were not even close to qualifying to EPL 15. I have no idea how did you come to your conclusion from before but I will do the math for you. They dropped down to...
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
Yep, unfortunately I wasnt talkig just about one match, wonder if u can read. As far as I know there are only 3 ways to qualify for ESL PRO League and those are being a partner team, winning Esea prem...
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
I have no idea what are u talking about w ESL 15 but whatever. And as you admitted they played “very hard” (you prob. meant good Or smthng else) they never repeated they performance but why? Thats the...
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
Well, the thing is that your POV is very subjective (not saying that my is not). But as you said let's bring the facts. They beat NaVi, VP and endup 3rd or smthng like that. A lot of shady and scatchy...
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
Wdym? CIS RMR tournament Where they have been accused of cheating? Come on man, you can do better.
Entropiq vs Enterprise
Nice jk
Entropiq vs Enterprise
Asian cs talking? xD
Sinners vs Movistar Riders
Lets hope Sinners will wake up
Mexico vs Slovakia
STYKO is just fiškus :D
Mexico vs Slovakia
Grogy is CreZe right?
AGO vs eSuba
45 kills BO1 xd
MAD Lions vs MOUZ
Yeah man, 1.13 rating is so shit :/
AGO vs Sinners
its for next season, theoretically if they won't qualify they still can get inv through esea ranking