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Professional Xizt fan, UwU maybe one day Xizt-san will acknowledge me

Banned for 3 days for saying "That’s the dude who pretends to be a girl, right?"

"Trusting Xizt is wisdom, knowing Xizt is peace, loving Xizt is strength, faith in Xizt is courage." - Me

Current missionaries of Landström:

Xizt teammates rankings:
S tier - GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Pita, and Delpan
A tier - cArn, dsn, gux, karrigan, BnTeT, GuardiaN, Autimatic, and trace.
B tier - MODDII, friberg, Draken, REZ, pronax, Koosta, rain, friis, KRIMZ, Twist and Pyth.
C tier - NiKo, Allu, JW, Flusha, Brollan, Kreaz, and hallzerk
D tier - Golden

Also I'm Anime4life's alt as I was 10 year'd

"You have been banned from posting on the forums until: 2030-07-13"
Never even told'd me why
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