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So, Moses.
can you guys explain why are people blaming fallen? i've been watching his streams in brazil, he looks fine and waiting to return to his team. and watching liquid's vlogs, he seems to be great togethe...
why so cold Brazil?
here in brazil 20° is cold, 25°C is great, 30° is a normal day. 35° beach time if it gets bellow 20° i don't even go outside without a coat. 15° we're all dead frozen i suppose, cause ive never felt...
FURIA vs Complexity
That was a happy surprise for me, and yeah i watch every single game. tomorrow 2 x 0 for vitality
FURIA vs Complexity
i doubt it. the strangest thing is that junior hits difficult shots, but misses most easy shots. his problem is the communication barrier i think, he was decent on NA, but now he turned out to be a b...
misutaaa looking so good today
Now Zywhoo don't need to carry the entire boat. but apex still raging instead of killing in most games, he should shut up and play.
FURIA ?????
I said very good player, not great player. he is very good, and they need to change to portuguese comunication.
FURIA ?????
they deserve to lose everything. The fans ask and the org don't want to change the roster, the line up speaking english because of one player. Honda is a very good player and they dont let him play. ...
Furia beat BUG
unless they remove junior, they wont win any game. they need to go back to speaking portuguese. If honda doesnt play today, is easy win for big
Paquetá vs Havan Liberty
best hair, any girl would kill for it
yuurih and kscerato
I hope they Remove junior before rmr please god