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Short Match rules
Like everywhere else on the internet, people on HLTV don't respond to the OP, they just say some random non-sense that's irrelevant.
Short Match rules
It'll just make it more fun, too. Instead of having to get dumped on for half the game because your economy is broken.
Thoughts on Operation?
"agent" skins are the most basic pub shit they've ever added to this game.
Why Riptide update is great
or they could've just done it like 1.6. There's a small gap to peek through instead of having all that space to work with.,
B1ad3, Listen ! ! !
NaVi #1 major incoming
BIG would've won MAJOR
BIG is one of my favorite teams to watch but they can never follow through on winning against the best teams. NiP is very inconsistent right now. I think BIG is the better team, overall, so it makes ...
CS GO rounds concept.
u shold be 10yeared shit threads always
So, they didn't play the updated version of d2, but do we know if they're playing on the updated game client? M4A1-S buff and deagle de-buff?
That's all fine and not really telling of anything but they all sorta gave him the cold shoulder after they got up from the map win.
Something weird is definitely going on with Syrson. They're all acting like he's the dude they don't want to be there.
G2 Coach
They're gonna do better at IEM Fall. No worries.
short competitive is bad
Short games should be CGS rules. 9 Rounds a half, 16k start money.
If you think the awp is OP and needs a nerf, it says more about your skills as a player than anything else.
ceh9 changed this game forever
Wow! Never been done before. What a gamechanging meta. No wonder they changed the map!!