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Yes, but what can you expect from a roster that back then had extremely little experience, with twist (that pretty soon after left) being the only one having much, REZ having a bit and then the rest b...
So? Astralis rn is unstable, which is to be expected for a new team. They had an amazing first run, showed potential. Now that the other teams have material to start anti strating its gonna be harder ...
G2 vs NIP
and if NiKo is out of shape for some reason?
G2 vs NIP
like ukrainan independence?
G2 vs NIP
G2 have choked to less tho. In my eyes, it about which players pop off, slightly leaning towards G2.
from 144hz to 240hz
Of course its gonna be a diff, but 144 is "good enough" for most people that doesnt wanna go full in. The % increase in FPS from 60 to 144 is 140%, while from 144 to 240 its "only" 66.67%. Its probabl...
kennyS to step in for G2 at IEM Winter as nexa faces visa issues
Doesnt matter, as long as we get Kenny :)
ok, good for you
ah yes, fortnite was definately first with that concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see someone who never has played fortnite xD
yes and no. the technology could be useful, but the current hype around it is just way out of proportion. Just because its an NFT doesnt mean its a scam, but tons of them are "a gamble" at best and "a...
NIP vs Astralis
yes i replied to that one, what about it?
NIP vs Astralis
Well, they did replace LNZ as expected. I dont think Plopski should be replaced tho, he has the potential to be really good now with a teammate that is actually reliable on the same site.
NIP vs Astralis