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so now we are beyond the point of discussion, awp abusing is a fact but... how can we fix it?
some ideas i had and i hope you share yours:

- each team can only buy 5 awps first half and 3 second half. in OTs awps should be banned and players will have to show their rifle skills

- increase 300$ on its price. really simple idea, 300$ is one less grenade they will have to protect themselves

- ban awp. no need to delete, only for tier 1 tournaments. scout meta would be so much fun to watch, it's a crazy weapon that requires skill to control and each time someone hit a headshot with scout is a moment of instant orgasm

burg satzvey, Gernanh

i do. i need some form of escapism to get away from this clown world, and one of them is japanese cartoons
2021-05-25 12:26
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