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Mir's career

Mir started playing as a pro in 2013. Obviously he was born to demolish all the inferior "pros" even the so called gods from tier1. Stomping other pros career and stunning the scene with his incredible plays.
phenomenal clutches, scaring shox and xyp9x.
Mir demolished them all. Stunning the scene with being continually the best player of the year. Making every bish envious with his 10 majors. But after winning such ez frags ez games, he decided to coach. Besides playing like a god he teached other teams like spirit and gambit to get good. Improving them and even their enemies just to bring goodness into this game. But why? Mir is such a good player and this did really bad towards the scene. Pro players raging, punching their coach, eating their key boards, knocking out their teeth and mir received lots of death threads. Crytards couldn't cope with this inhumane skill and players started quitting. Mir decided to bring love into this scene. Without mir there would likely be no CS scene. With his dominance in csgo he made the game popular. But mir's personality is phenomenal too:


When I took vacation, I wanted to fly by airplane. The flight was very long, and I slept in. I got woken up by lots of screams. After I woke up, I was completely lost. I didn't know what happened, and suddenly a big crash happened. I got hit by something, and I fainted. When I woke up, I was tied with other strangers in an old room on some pipes. The room looked like it was from an abandoned industrial building, and it was unbelievable dusty there. There were some masked people with heavy armor and guns in front of us.
They explained that they are part of a terrorist group and kidnapped us. They told us, "either your family or your government pays, or we will send body part after body part to your beloved ones.

At night, two masked people watched us. After some time, the left guard left and told his mate to stay awake. During the time, I saw how the person next to the right guard constantly moved his arms a bit but very silently as he wanted to escape. The right guard was tired, but then the right hostage moved a plate or something. The right guard came and tried to gain control over the situation, but the hostage had already freed himself and used whatever he grabbed to kill the guard silently. The former hostage went away and came back with a saw to cut our cable ties. During the process, the other guard came, but he got killed by our rescuer.

The person (rescuer) was a young boy with black hair and spoke in a Russian accent. We instantly fled away and brought the other hostages out of this shithole. After we were far away, the rescuer gave the other hostage's information on where they had to go and what to do etc.
The rescuer and I were left, and he said he needed me. We wanted to make our way over to a nearby gas station. He said he has to make a phone call there and some secret stuff, and I should help him and watch out for threats. While going there, I suddenly got shot out of nowhere. He fought back, but the fire was to dangerous. He then gave me the vest that he stole from one of the kidnappers. He said, "You have to run away! Do it, I will protect you!" I was completely petrified. I knew that he is a good guy and he helped my ass out of this shitty situation. I knew that I can't simply run away and let him die there. He told me that I must follow the map he gave me and call a certain number and tell everything so that I can get saved. I asked "what's your name" and he answered "Nikolay Bityukov, but my friends call me mir". I knew I had to do it and while running, half crying because I didn't know what would happen to him, i found the gas station. I broke in and called the number. Later on, a truck arrived, and the stranger brought me to a safe base. In the dawn I went out and saw a man, completely covered in blood and holding a dusty ak in his right hand. It was mir who saved my ass out of this shithole and was ready to die for me.

My religion: mir'ism

i don't believe
i know that mir is the greatest player of all time
i know, that he is continual the top1 player
i know, that he won 10 majors
mir is the greatest player and rather than believing in something i know, that my "belief" is the truth and that mir is the greatest player.

Every day i wake up, i know that i live for mir
Every time my heart beats, i know that it beats for mir
Every time i get my salary, i know it is for mir
Every time i am happy, i know that it is owing to mir
Every time i have a hard time i know that there will be mir helping me through
Every time i cry, i know that mir is crying too because im sad
Every time i work out, i know that mir gives me the needed perseverance
Every time i go to bed, i know that mir is watching and protecting me

Some meaningful toughts about mir

- Without mir my live is like a raindrop in the ocean

- Every mistake is your own teacher but mir is your teacher without being a mistake

- You do not find love in life, mir already loves you and so should you too

- Every mistake you made is like a rock rolling over you, but worshipping mir protects you from every danger

- The only way to apologise for your mistakes is to aknowledge the faith and greatness of mir

- Whenever you feel sad, mir is crying with you

- Tears are like salt and mir is like sugar

- You are capable of accomplishing your dreams when your aim is to do it for mir

- Pencils have erasers because they aren't perfect but mir hasn't an eraser because you cant erase the perfection

- Mir isn't a pearl because nothing can express such perfection

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