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Dying Light. Even better if you play co-op with a friend
trilingual+ come
Other than English I learned Russian and Polish, and considering that I still mess up with Russian more frequently than English (not that often, just more), even tho my mother is Russian, and I had pl...
Bymas 200 iq read
Yeah, good point.
Bymas 200 iq read
Yes, also thought of that first, I just still think that it’s a read, since he should have definitely expected that to happen, it’s not that rare. Tho I agree that’s not a “200iq read”, as OP presen...
Bymas 200 iq read
Lol that’s not it. He knew it potentially was lower fake into upper, that’s why he didn’t go through ramp, but was walking slow towards vents. Then after he heard the door, he knew they were there so ...
FalleN defends s1mple "baiting"
#68 #53 , and of course, the topic content itself. Read bro
Games to play
+1 Even better if there’s a friend to play co-op. Had fun.
your phobias
Entomophobia, but spiders are fine
Low fps on high end pc
There’s no definite truth, we all share opinions, and people either agree or don’t. I also prefer stretched res, but if he likes to play on high res, why not? The game has an option to choose. I hav...
Low fps on high end pc
Does smn bully you? Why so aggressive? I asked a question and the two of you simply shared opinions, that’s it, why angry?
So sad about Liquid
I eat medicine and sleep
Low fps on high end pc
Did you do anything in particular, which helded you achieve such fps? i5 9300, GTX 1050 - 130 FPS with drops on 1920x1080 and 160-180 FPS on 4:3 stretched (forgot the res)
your useless talent
All the people around me who tried to learn it also didn’t succeed. On the other hand I just somehow knew how to do it from the start.
your useless talent
Moving my ears. Not sure if it’s rare, I just don’t have anyone else in my environment, who can do it, except for one friend. The only thing is that he can move them both together only, while I can mo...