My bans
1st ban - 11.04.2021-18.04.2021 for posting a thread about Valorant being superior to csgo (Admins have no respect for valorant)

Memes - Space Soldiers vs Sangal - ENCE 2019 vs ENCE 2021

I went to plane, the woman say the hostess I will complaint you, where do you live? The hostess guy said you cant scream at me! Then the other people say he is right, hostess guy is sit I next to the pilot, and at the end our plane finally comed to United States. Hi everyone, I'm back!

Me, electronic, tarik, uhh golden, styko, fallen. We all were staying togezer and uhh I... tarik said like "I dont have vebcam". I asked fallen if he if he has he said no and after styko said like "oh s1mple you vant vebcam? You can come on my floor and take it", i like okey. So tarik start crying like little bitch. uhhh then fallen said uh you can play game paper, uhh knife, or how's it called?? Hows it call in english. This this game you know on hands? I von in bo3 against tarik. Styko told me that he'll give it to me and after fallen just came to styko room and stole this fucking vebcam. uh Gabrielle uhh tenfaced uhhhhh toledo. uhh logidetch vebcam stoler stealer fuck fak.