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This history, it's all lies.
It says that Hitler killed himself and we nuked Japan. And people believe this shit.

-Mike Toreno
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what girls do you go for?
If that 1-10 scale is about appearance I go for anything above 6, my standards aren't so high. But that scale is an overall thing including hobbies and personality too, it has to be 8/10 minimum.
Sangal what the hell?
Elon musk clown
Eh, feels like every other billionaire to me on that side. All billionaires already have manipulated the shit out of the market for years, he is just doing it in a quirky "wholesome 100" way, deep dow...
Smart people COME
I'm a smart guy but leave computer engineering in a place I'm not a PC-enthusiast either. Thank you, now I feel like shit.
atletico madrid
Aged like milk
[(Patriotism x Poverty) / Education]x100 = Chance of getting baited% That's basically why.
I still have the same feelings, I'd love to be a Hobbit, eat seven meals a day and chill in the only non-corrupted land in Middle Earth.
the most cringey clan tag
I'm not a huge fan of CS
the most cringey clan tag
Yes I do, deal with it.
the most cringey clan tag
Anything related to anime. It's stupid to make anything an obsession, keep your (disgusting)hobbies to yourself. Fanboying/stan culture is a sickness.
alcoholic drinks from your country
I know Efes is a Turkish brand but you know Pilsen is a fucking city in Czechia, right? It's their beer only made in Turkey, not our own.
alcoholic drinks from your country
Rakı but we drink it mixed with water.
Internet Speed
Well good for you, I love Hagi(I'm a Galatasaray fan) and the Internet.
Internet Speed
Internet speed is like the biggest flex for Romanians after Gheorghe Hagi. btw mine is 22Mbps FeelsBadMan, I pay 10€ per month for it.