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4th place at DM CyberCup Lodz 2010 Poland (for 192 participants)
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1st at Side-effect #5 league (december 2009)
1st at 5players-league (february 2010)
1st in the OPEN league Logitech Cybersport (september 2010)
1st Intrepid cup (november 2010)
1st (2nd group) OPEN Cybersport League 2011
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Because the last thing they've won was Cologne in July...
bye bye bye TAZ
Would be absolutely unstoppable =O
faceit bullshit
Wrong reply.
faceit bullshit
Well, I hate to break it down for you, but Poland currently has 4th best education in the world. Good luck with your ban. http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/topics/education/
Made 1$million in stock market
Valid point.
Was Poland the wrong choice?
Best 'rekt' of the century (quite literally, when it comes to the amount of debt Greece has accumulated over the years).
i rate your soccer taste
3 times world champion? In which sport? lol
Why HLTV got so retarded?
I remeber being here somewhere at break of 2009/10 or so. As of now, all the shitspreading, shitstorming, it's literally kids who couldn't type on keyboard back then.
Well, actually ISS's hull is bright, because of the light reflected by the atmosphere and the Earth, but I understand the way you think :) There's still hope for you. As to anyone older than 4, who th...
earth is FLAT, more evidence
No, university is at least 8 years too late in education process for him. He should begin with 4th grade physics.
earth is FLAT, more evidence
Vacuum doesn't suck. Pressure works the other way around, higher pressure pushes itself into lower pressure regions. You're completely wrong or baiting. However, read this one: https://www.quora.com/I...
earth is FLAT, more evidence
"little bit of gravity thats out there 50km above earth" Which grade did you finish your education at?
Shave balls? [18+]
If the pic on her twitter is hers then she's pretty okay if you ask me ;)
Swedish sex education
"This brochure is a guide for you who are newly arrived in Sweden and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (LGBTQ)."
No way any MALE can have a sick 8pack with 13% bf.