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which nordic language to learn?
Act like a normal person. The more you disagree, the nicer you should write. When in the right context most things go, as long as you don’t violate the rules. You are entitled to your opinion, as long...
way better than wo him tho
hltv danish site
- lack of samples - stats are like that bc of small sample size english i get waht you mean tho
00Nation aim to rebuild roster with coldzera, malbsMd, try - Report
LAN overrated
yea ik i didnt even address what ur asking really, i just kinda ranted on my own thing but u do have a good point and a good question
LAN overrated
i think teams can prove themselves to be great if they can translate their online prowess to lan lets think heroic - #1 team during online era, and yes did get worse before lans back, but went out e...
Why NiKo top 4?
major is prioritized above everything else literally carried them to grand final and almost won nuke where navi had a 16 game winning streak all by himself also idgaf abt recceny bias niko good
eg valde?
ok edgar
Correct Top 20 list [2021]
stopped reading at 4 sh1ro
Grim, Stewie2K and FalleN removed from Liquid's starting line up
hes not the best but has such impact that u just cant see on stats, but u only look at stats so idk rllu
tarik = new shroud?
nah he doesnt get hype at plays that he doesnt get hype at
tarik = new shroud?
Grim, Stewie2K and FalleN removed from Liquid's starting line up
mans only looks at stats n thats how he concludes how good a player is LOL
Semmler casting
scrawny lwk dies every time he yells so loud its so hyping