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Extra Salt vs O PLANO
No plano. Oh well, They can go back to partying and celebrate the fact that they atleast got double digits on a map. Was expecting worse tbh
Extra Salt vs O PLANO
Lmao what? Furia would completely steamroll o plano If they were to play RN. They're not any better than the middle of the pack tier 2 EU team like sinners or endpoint and would never accomplish somet...
BR commentator taking the piss out at TACO
Pretty funny ngl, and taco is indeed dogshit and should deal with criticism, players are too soft nowadays. Kinda disrespectful towards the girl tho.
O PLANO vs Triumph
The flashpoint matches already end quite late, I'd guess probably both organizers don't wanna be running RMR matches simultaneously. If it wasn't for that, then yeah, I agree with you.
O PLANO vs Triumph
How's it bullshit, a NA tournament isn't gonna accommodate for EU timezones lol.
Heroic vs Sprout
I've never seen him play, is he actually that good? And isn't Denis their IGL, why would Kyuubi play instead of him
OFFSET vs Caronte
I'd consider replacing rmn first. Stadodo can be a bit inconsistent but they don't really need a new awper
ENCE vs EPG Family
Expected from germany
ENCE vs EPG Family
C9 wants marketable players so they can sell merch and make content around. They're not gonna sign a Russian team who probably barely even speaks English, sadly tho cause they do deserve a good org.
Sangal vs EC Brugge
He wasn't kicked tho, he asked to be benched because of some personal problems, mental health i believe
Asian CS
South Korea for example a lot of ppl still preffer to play in pc bangs. Valve were and are very strict with their copyright policy and didn't allow those pc bangs to run counter strike without having...
Mobile Games
Get an emulator man )) most mobile games suck anyway besides very few exceptions.