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Today I played CS after the break
As an old fart who still play cs time to time.... it's really annoying to me ... listening kids yelling and screaming... most of the time i play with mute all ... But yeah ... cs community is toxic as...
faze take one for the scene.
Not bad feelings... but here faze just took Gambit place by overperforming in 1 match .... whicg happen ofc fro mtime to time , but pretty sure the match Gambit -Navi could have been a lot different ....
4glory vs Good Game
Gl North Macedonians!
Good Game vs Monarchy
Already typed it ... your mind is messed ... and it's your problem not mine... i only pointed the correct country name to the admins. Everything else is your bullshits...
Good Game vs Monarchy
The correct name of your country is Nortn Macedonia, not Macedonia .... so it is more than correct been displayed here as well... everything other is just your inner mess up mind ... But i'm not sur...
Good Game vs Monarchy
It's not an opinion you moneky... it's a fact, but ofc you can't understand it with such a low iq!
Good Game vs Monarchy
To the site mods/admins ... The country name is not Macedonia since 2019 .. it's North Macedonia ;) Gl both teams !
forZe vs SKADE
GG Forze !
forZe vs SKADE
Skade take it ! And atleast 1 knifed by Shipz!
SKADE vs Sprout
Let's bet if Shipz will knife someone this game :D
Apeks vs SKADE
Know me or not... the fact remains... you type silly comments!
Apeks vs SKADE
All i remember is you post silly comments!
s1mple wtf
reality check