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clown cheaters....
Flag? And of course they were palestinians? And you are innocent?????? reported!
Akuma Witch Hunt
Everytime I see your nickname it's some kind of shitpost Just gtfo from HLTV finally donkey
Maybe he can in 2022* but it's the same situation like with ztr - smart kid, good player but lack of experience. They both are not ready to face beasts like hobbit
He literally play in his SECOND american team but he doesn't speak english, okay XD Flag checks out
Yours too (albanians can't read)
Maybe and maybe not OG need some wins right now. I don't say flameZ is BAD, i say that he is good but he is too young for stressful, competitive tier 1 CS for now. He just needs some experience becau...
Envy was tier 3 and he was wrecking everyone there with 1.2 rating VP was already dead when he joined them (everyone washed up) He doesn't 'fail' in EG, he and oBo are playing 2v5 vs everyone
You can't even read, can you? I literally already answered you "You can say MICHU have not amazing rating now but he is almost always top 1 or top 2 in the team and they are still loosing. Lose = lowe...
fake flagger Also I doubt 4 kills per half is >> MICHU
How do you know that?
Yeah I agree with that sorry I ignored that part my bad Germany cool country also no one should offend any country I was just oversensitive because of racism towards white people
Nigeria wtf
take more 500+ idiot
But why is he racista? What if he said "I'm proud to be black" What would you say then? "Yes man! Keep up good work! Black live matters!" ??? Then YOU are fckin racista, not him ;) He CAN BE PROUD b...
Nigeria wtf
Just like in Poland lol JEBAC PIS!
Valve are so out of touch right now.
They could just add Tuscan lol... It's a fckin GREAT map. Also every 1.6 veteran (and many of us still play CS:GO) would be in heaven if they add Tuscan. But no, they add Ancient lol Volvo is really...