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Vitality vs Astralis
vitality should be HEAVY favorites. the only reason they might lose this game is if they stopped giving a fuck about practicing and playin serious cuz theyre goin to split up.
MAD Lions vs MOUZ
what did you say moron?
MAD Lions vs MOUZ
like i said mirage as a decider is the biggest retarded move you can make. you can literally put up a 5 random mix team and still be able to beat a top team on it cuz this map is all pug and everyone ...
MAD Lions vs MOUZ
leaving the biggest pug map as a decider against a shit team is the biggest mistake you can make. wont be surprised if mouz loses mirage.
Vitality 3.70 odds
so many idiots in this thread lol. this matchup has always been historically very close no matter what the form of any of those teams is.
Thorin is so stupid. Even S1mple was online.
man you people had ur brain fried at birth or what? he claims zywoo an onliner. zywoo performed his best on lan, doesnt matter when it is. his entire argument is shit and a fallacy.
how can people watch this type of shit and enjoy it? how is that counter strike? dude is jumping around spraying and hits headshots. this isnt quake.
Vitality vs
VP makes you think they are unpredictable but they arent. if i was a coach my team would never lose to VP. they are so easy to predict because they are stupid. they literally react to things with the ...
Vitality vs
whoever does the veto for vitality needs to be fired. after all those years you still dont understand that vp playstyle rely on retarded low iq decisions and random blind stacks and you give them the ...
Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend
clear match fix idc what anyone says. 1 mistake, 1 bad call, you forget to buy once sure it can happen but that many "weird" rounds in 1 map ? impossible. this is pure bullshit.
Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend
if fiend wasnt so braindead that would have been an easy 11-4 half at the very least.
Complexity vs Astralis
col looks like shit and loses to sinners and movistar on nuke but beast astralis on nuke. ok.
OG losing rounds to this shit, ence are lucky as fuck to have gotten 2 rounds on ct side.