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I spent all days n nights
Alone in a room
Lately my demons and I
Grew a little too close
Always stumbling through life
Girl believe me I’m doomed
You should leave before I
Can sink my claws into you

Things is lookin up
I’m lookin to die
Show me stupid love
Even if its lies
The reflection gone
Once I lost my mind
I feel like a corpse
That has been cursed with life

Do you like the chains
Tied around my neck
Have they always been
Embedded in cement?
I am getting used
To the constant ache
I am headed on a trip
With no ticket back
I think I fade
I think I fade

And I blame it all on you

I think I fade
I think I fade

Is it just an excuse?

I don’t need anything, that is at least what I tell myself when I can’t sleep
It’s all just excuses and lies to the guy in the mirror but he’s always being so mean
I’m closing my eyes but I know he be still staring at me god when will you leave
A demon a devil I swear I would give my soul just to spend a couple minutes in peace

But I know
I have come
To far to
Let it all go
Too far to stop
Too little to finish
I’m stuck in the middle for good

In search of someone who might listen
But when I speak up I end up with a lump in my throat
I do really think I ain’t me anymore, must have traded my soul in for nothing at all
@ Qoiet - no USE (coping with the tragedy of waking up)
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