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Good politicians in your country?
Then whos good for you? Catarina Martins with the racial card or anti-capitalist and communist Jerónimo de Sousa, leader of the party with the most properties?
Good politicians in your country?
fake flagger. assume you are portuguese and then we talk
Good politicians in your country?
Pedro Passos Coelho and André Ventura (the first one won the elections but, as he was dangerous for the leftist ambitions, they joined communists, socialists and radical progressives to kick him)
How can someone say so much ****
I don't really get why shorten the matches. I've literally not seen any fan say that's a good thing. What I do see is valorant children wanting to shorten CS:GO matches. If you want to see smaller gam...
G2 need roster change if they want top 1
-AmaNEK +ZywOo He isn't doing anything in Vitality, not being able to grow or to win anything. Once he quits, I'd say G2 will grab him, it's what makes the most sense.
fnatic Rising vs VP.Prodigy
GTA online
Yep, I still use it. It's external so you can't get banned. Any other gets you banned. Plus it's free
GTA online
modest doesn't get you banned
G2 vs Astralis
Honestly it was amazing seeing Astralis getting this far, completely deserved by them. Played huge if we think they're a team without a main AWPer. Amazing stuff by them, could have gone to any side. ...
Gambit vs FaZe
G2 vs Astralis
And then you wake up and realize they just lost in the quarter finals
Virtus.pro vs Astralis
You're not the only one thinking that. Astralis went thru so many changes and they managed to get here. On the other hand, Virtus lul managed to get here in a way they don't even know, completely unno...
SAW vs bankaPEPSI
wut? they won 2-0