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Movistar Riders vs SAW
1. SAW removed Mirage 2. Movistar Riders removed Dust2 3. SAW picked Ancient 4. Movistar Riders picked Overpass 5. SAW removed Inferno 6. Movistar Riders removed Vertigo 7. Nuke was left over 2-1 MR
Heroic vs TYLOO
ez for covid19 wuhan labs team
SAW vs GTZ Bulls
Saw remove old guys, they're clearly the problem Just look at mutiris
SAW vs GTZ Bulls
Ngl I think GTZ wins
FURIA, BIG, Heroic enter Louvre Agreement partnership with ESL in $20 million deal*
CS SuperLeague KEKW Imagine making a partnership with a team that can't win anything rn in NA and would be absolutely wrecked in tier 3 EU cs. LUL
Why is guerri playing btw
bo5 haters come
4 one sided maps? Heroic vs Gambit BO5 in ESL Pro League was one of the best games I've ever watched and pretty much nothing was one sided (only maybe the decider and Vertigo)
SAW vs Nemiga
JUST, story, NOPEej, sta + a good entry fragger from our scene would make a good, pretty nice team. I don't know who that entry would be though. And ye OFFSET is hurting everyone on that team current...
1WIN vs Galaxy Racer
When will HLTV update Galaxy Racer logo?
SAW vs Nemiga
Sta, and he performs way better than mutiris while also giving calls
SAW vs Nemiga
Just wish there were decent pt players at the level of JUST, bc it's impossible for SAW to accomplish something at this level. Story is actually improving (he did great in Inferno in some rounds). Mut...
SAW vs Nemiga
You say that while being a Faze fan kekw