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Liquid eliminate NIP to secure BLAST survival
NA > EU stay free europoors
One Piece 1000ep daaamn
how its author still not lost his mind wtf... he draw this manga like every day for 30 years
he should become Mall Cop and watch cameras all day
Extra Salt vs Sprout
"Majority" actually have more achievements than floppy. So he is lying / delusional. nitr0, fns, yay, hiko, shahzam, seangares, subroza, steel, skadoodle, sick, dapr, and even fucking wardell all hav...
Extra Salt vs Sprout
what does my name have to do with facts? that little shitter trashtalked veterans with infinity more achievements and trophies than him. https://...
Extra Salt vs Sprout
He absolutely failed in Valorant getting single-digit kills in every game. The only reason he was in the team is because he had an active contract with disbanded C9 and Jack used him as temporal sub....
Extra Salt vs Sprout
Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 6-20 kekw trashtalk more kid 0 achievements, 0 trophies
floppy: "Playing VALORANT has made me appreciate CS a lot more"
this kid trashtalks nitr0, hiko, ethan, subroza, skadoodle who all have more achievements and trophies in CS than floppy (who has ZERO).
floppy: "Playing VALORANT has made me appreciate CS a lot more"
> got destroyed in Valorant > kicked from the team > no future for this bot > crawled back to CS > "Valarante bad CS good plz gib me contract"
flamie: "I think I can still perform at a high level"
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