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Got banned for a week :(
I'll be back 18/05))

Brazilghcnvbkn made this thread to help us with bio :> https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2436835/hltv-bio-tutorial

Ranking the 5 best HLTV users from 2015 - 2025:

1. I_car (banned)
2. Jonty04l32
3. ghcnvbkn
4. the_one_who_baits (banned, and it's not me)
5. Jonathan E
99996. Sam2k


1. I'm only doing g8 b8, you can just replie with "g8 b8 m8"
2. I'm not the_one_who_baits alt.
3. GermanyI_car was the best user EVER on HLTV (L_car thrash).
4. Sam2k got 10 years banned :DDDD! https://www.hltv.org/profile/1103097/sam2
5. Jonty has over 50 000 comments https://www.hltv.org/profile/668758/jonty04l32


Why brazilians likes Gaules?

(https://www.hltv.org/profile/1315448/hhazuka) HHazuka said:

He is an old 1.6 player and coach, won big tournaments back then. He started streaming around 2018. His story is one of (very much) resilience, with a lot of ups and downs. This is one of the reasons people get to know and follow him now.
In my opinion, what makes people follow him are 2 things: his ability to make people feel that he is a friend, and the fact that he always helped people, even when he had no income.
When he began streaming, he didn't have a job, so he was dependant of his streams. Even then, he always donated half of everything he earned via Twitch and keeps doing that 'til today. Charity institutions, homeless people, 'little' (as in unknown/with low numbers) streamers etc. There was this homeless guy, Samurai, which he knew from the beginning of his streams, which he used to have lunch/dinner with, whenever he could afford. After going big and having more money, he bought Samurai a house.
Some people say "you only show-and-tell these good actions in order to promote yourself", to which he always responded "I do it because it can inspire people to do the same".
Whatever the truth may be, his followers started donating to/helping other people a lot, so it's fine by me. It's a good result.

TLDR: read it

Why does admins delete threads?

It's because on the rules is writen:
*Act like a normal person*
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