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NA Group B Tiebreaker matches
ty mens))
Aim or CrossHair placement ?
Crosshair placement is one aspect of aim so you can’t really say ones better than the other. If ur talking about flick speed/precision I’d say generally crosshair placement is better, but flicks can b...
All mirage insta window smokes
Ty mens I’ve been looking for these for a while
Unpopular opinion
Pull out animation is rly satisfying imo but I agree that the inspect is bad
ESL Shitty System
The game just straight up doesn’t matter tho so they probably don’t want to give as much info to other teams to be able to counter strat them
ESL Shitty System
Could just be saving strats or trying out different ideas for future since they have 1st locked in
Gambit Fix
Any team fix: -any player (preferably worst player but doesn’t rly matter) +GOD Guerri
Marvel movies
Entertaining but I got bored of them cuz it feels like the same thing over and over after my friends made me binge watch all the movies with them last winter
Jumpthrow bind?
Make a file for it and type into console: exec “whatever you named the file”
Bring kennyS back
I think -Amanek +kenny might be better and have nexa switch to supportive roles cuz -jackz didn’t rly work out before
experts come
Direct match win > direct match loss 1st decider after total points
experts come
Head to head is the first tiebreaker
experts come
Yes if they beat og and forze loses 1 out of next 2 games
G2 can still get through right?
VP had to win against col for it to be possible